Daniel W. Park

Daniel W. Park is a writer and lawyer who writes books to empower readers by making complex ideas accessible and understandable for everyone. Every day is an adventure and that adventure is better with books.

Legal Mastery in Three Volumes

The Legal Mastery series aims to make the law and the legal system understandable and accessible to everyone.

The Legal Mind is an inside look at how the legal system resolves disputes by striving to answer two fundamental questions: what happened and what rules apply.

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How Would You Rule invites you to learn the law by challenging you to be the judge and decide for yourself some of the law’s most interesting and strangest cases.

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Book Cover for How to Succeed as a University Administrator

Drawing on decades of experience in higher education, How to Succeed as a University Administrator is packed with time-tested strategies for solving problems, dealing with difficult people, and making meaningful change, all while staying out of trouble. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, this practical guide provides essential insights, strategies, and best practices for a successful career in higher education.

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Live Your Best Life Now

The Live Your Best Life series aims to empower you to get the most out of life, whether that’s getting a better job, pursuing a passion, or improving your relationships. Your best life is within your grasp.

You Are What You Do is a call to action. Too often we live our lives in the past or in the future, dwelling on things we can’t change or making plans we’ll never accomplish. You Are What You Do is a guide for getting started living your true life today.

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Engaging Fiction

When a street thief accidentally steals the key to the city’s magic, he can choose to hang for his crime or steal a replacement from the dragon’s lair. Much preferring living to dying, he chooses to take his chances with the dragon and learns along the way that, when the fate of the world is in your hands, dragons are not always the most dangerous creatures in the land.

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Cover for Sea of Troubles, a novel.

With her career on the line, Professor Mariana Castillo gambles everything to secure funding from the one place she swore she would never turn to, but when her breakthrough invention goes missing, she becomes the prime suspect and finds that she’s fighting not just for her career but also for her life.

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Cover for The Last Shot and Other Stories About Life, Death, and Love

The Last Shot is a collection of short stories that explores the choices that we make when everything is at stake.

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